Insurance Reinstatements

Insurance Reinstatements

Unexpected Damages?

We can help make your house new again when making an insurance claim!

When fire or flood have damaged your property, it can seem like the world is ending. The things you’ve worked so hard to build up have been destroyed, and it feels as though building them back up is an impossible task.

Whether you are recovering from a minor flood in your home or a major fire that gutted your business, our professional team at Balfour Property Renovations is ready to help you get your property reinstated to its original glory.

Flood Damage

Water damage is one of the most common forms of property damage and can happen to anyone. Sometimes it’s caused by a burst pipe, a sewer back up, or perhaps an overflow from faulty plumbing or appliances. Whatever the case may be, the number one priority is to treat the cause of the damage immediately to prevent further escalation or damages.

Once that issue is resolved, we can help you begin the reinstatement process as soon as possible. The longer water damage is left unattended, the greater the risk to the building’s structure and the greater the dangers to the health of the occupants.

Our talented team of professionals has extensive experience, the right equipment, and proven methods to reinstate your property after flood damage. We are your water damage experts in Inverness.

Fire Damage

There is no doubt about it—a property fire is a devastating event. Although smoking and candles come to mind as common culprits for most property fires, cooking and heating equipment are actually the leading cause for house fires. While the flames and heat may cause initial damages, the effects of smoke will cause greater damages if left unattended.

It’s important to take action right away to reduce the harm caused by soot, odour, ash, and debris throughout your home or building. If given the chance, these side effects begin to seep into the surfaces in the home, causing further destruction.

When disaster strikes, the Balfour Property Renovations team is ready to prevent further damage and reinstate your building up to code so that life can get back to normal again.

Was your house damaged in a fire or flood?

We can help return your home to its former glory.

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